BC Unidos - Otro Mundo Es Posible (album)

BC Unidos released an EP last year with some fantastic songs featuring pretty major pop stars - I’m a Dream” with Charli XCX, Trouble in the Streets” with Carly Rae Jepsen, and Can’t Get Enough of Myself” with Santigold. The new album Otro Mundo Es Posible” leans less on big names, although the intro track features U.S. Girls, a band that put out a good and fairly buzzy album (“In a Poem Unlimited”) at the beginning of the year. Across the course of 33 minutes, the album veers through a variety of sounds– if I had to make some comparisons, I’d say there’s hints of Peter Bjorn & John, Super Furry Animals, and Gorillaz on display. It feels good and it feels like a summer album and I’m going to be listening to it for sure.

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