How to Build a Low-tech Website?

Low-tech Magazine outlines their plan to operate a fully static website powered by a battery-free solar energy source out of Barcelona, Spain. (I suppose this is naive, but I had not considered that the environmental cost of batteries was potentially worse than the energy-storing that they provided? Does that really hold up over time? I suppose they have a certain shelf-life.)

I’ve been thinking a lot about what availability” online means recently because of a couple things that have been happening both at home and at work, although more the human cost than the environmental one, so this was an interesting thing to layer on top of what I was already thinking. I might try to write some more about that separately later. In the meantime, I wonder what it would take to see a large-scale reset” on the expectations we have for the web in 2018 as we’ve allowed those to evolve over 20+ years of being online.

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