We’re currently just over a week away from the long-awaited premiere of season 2 of the podcast called Limetown. The first season aired over the course of the second half of 2015; I discovered it shortly after episode 3 aired and had the lucky experience of having to wait for each episode after that, speculating about the show’s unanswered mysteries. Limetown is a fictional account of an investigative report; it’s chilling but it’s not a horror show, if that makes any sense. It’s far more science fiction than horror, but I still refuse to listen to it at night.

I haven’t listened to it since 2015, so when I started listening to the first season again recently I wondered whether it would hold up to the impression it left on me the first time around—and it totally does. I highly recommend listening to Limetown, and the good news is that the total running time of the first season is only something like 3 hours long, so most people should have no trouble getting caught up in time for season 2. If they can manage to continue what they did in the first six episodes, it’s going to be worth it.

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