The Etymology of Parking

This article about the origins of the term parking” to refer to the act of leaving a vehicle somewhere is really fascinating and something I had honestly just… never thought about? Maybe that’s weird? But this was great historical context. (via)


Repeat yourself, do more than one thing, and rewrite everything

The best writing about computer programming you’ll read this month.


The Artist Responsible For Chance The Rapper’s Meme-Inspired Abstract Art

I liked this interview with artist Brandon Breaux about the work he did for the covers of the recently released songs by Chance the Rapper. I’ve noticed a trend of hearing from people who work on highly-promoted music releases this year talking about just how little advance planning/notice there is for major portions of the release process, and this one was no exception.


Tom Gran’s 2018 Drawing Challenge

Artist/writer/director Tom Gran has this marvelous Twitter thread where he expands outwards on a canvas, adding to a single drawing over time. As of today he’s up to his 204th addition and it’s… really quite amazing to scroll through each update with the close-up and overall view.


Public By Default

An art project meant to highlight the stunningly open data practices of some of the biggest companies in the tech industry, Public By Default reconstructs the behaviors of a number of users of the social payment site Venmo by taking advantage of the fact that everyone’s payments are, by default, totally public and retrievable via API (with little authentication or authorization required). It’s really well presented via fun visualizations and storytelling but simultaneously chilling that Venmo has continued to operate like this for over five years while only gaining popularity.


Our Last Tweets

An archive of the final tweets from celebrities before they died; it’s funny and tragic and touching and just generally a lot.