Steve Gaynor Plays Hitman 2, Part 1

Steve Gaynor, cofounder of Fullbright Company (makers of Gone Home and Tacoma) and podcaster (Idle Thumbs, Tone Control) sometimes streams games on Twitch. He played a lot of the Hitman reboot that came out in 2016 and the streams were always a blast; the mutual love between him and the developers of the game resulted in a side mission in one of the episodically-released missions being named after him.

The sequel, Hitman 2, is coming out this week and starting last Friday Steve began streaming the game on his Twitch channel. It’s been a lot of fun to watch him get back to it! His zeal for the franchise is contagious and his understanding of game design & development leads to some interesting insights about the game as well.

The link above goes to the first stream he did for Hitman 2; you can browse his channel from there to see the subsequent days’ streams, which are ongoing and continued tonight.

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