The Goods by vox.com

You may or may not have heard that this summer, Vox Media shuttered Racked.com, which has always been a fascinating site but as it shifted a year or two ago to focusing on consumer fashion and the things we buy in general, became essential reading. While it was sad to see the site go, the good news is that a lot of its writers actually joined up with Vox.com, the general news site, to create a new section called The Goods”. In the month since it launched, they’ve reaffirmed that they’re going to keep featuring really good stuff that relates specifically to our every day lives– buying things, spending times with friends, getting advertised to, and so on. I don’t always subject myself to the full news firehose these days—I try to figure out how to stay aware of the news while not letting it crush me—I do read The Goods every day and consider its RSS feed an essential addition to my OPML file.

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